TGIF 10 - Stereo Uv

Friday blinkies…

Stereo Uv module
18 LEDS in 2 cols with 255 levels of brightness
Socket: S

Yada yada…

First video didn’t turn out so good - camera didn’t focus very well - and that’s with the brightness turned right down…o well better luck next time i suppose…



Wow, loving this! How are you getting the audio and LEDs in sync?

@ Gus - Magic Pixie Dust…Or more likely the the 2 MSEQ7’s sitting on the Audio module you can see in the 2nd vid…

Simply fantastic Justin. Top work.
Whats the chipery on the rear to drive the leds?

@ HughB -

1 x WS2803
1 x AND Gate
2 x 0.1uf
1 x 1k33

And here is the spag to share 7 SPI modules off 2 sockets - must finish SPI Hub… :whistle:

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Hahah now thats more like it :slight_smile: Do you need a bowl for that ?

More like a few sticks of Hot Glue :smiley:

What’s Uv?

I thought it was Db when relating to music.

@ mhectorgato - it should really be stereo VU but i come from a land down under…

Volume Unit

Nice board Justin !

Another fantastic job!

Nice, but show them the proof video, with the screen in the background.

Looks way better then mine LED Matrix version as your LED meters are greased lighting for response, exactly what is needed for this type of application.

video is in the works, i ran out if time yesterday and as it was my lunch break was a tad looooong :smiley:


@ ianlee74 - Under a tenner

Tell me again… I can’t seem to find the link… Where’s the store where I can buy these? :wink:

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@ ianlee74, and @ ILiveInFlorida - stop being childish… :smiley:

Nearly there

@ Justin - Nice!

@ Architect - Thanks - slow but sure - just like Royal Mail :whistle: