TGIF 09 - Seven Segment Displays

Here you go :slight_smile:

Video doesn’t really show them off very well, so best you order some to see them in there full glory :smiley:

Red, Green, Blue, White and Yellow

S or Y Socket

Million dollars each on eBay - (cheap at twice the price) :whistle: …or $12ea if you email me - justin at ingenuitymicro dot com


Nice, love the speed.

The White one is going full knacker, all digits are changing but the thou is to fast to really see the change - the others are set to 4Hz

pretty! :smiley:

@ Architect - Pretty lights keep me amused :smiley:

Very nice! Is that spiffy backing acrylic for some sort of trade show, or “jus cause”?

@ ransomhall @ andre - ta muchly…

Nah, just 80gsm paper from the bubble jet, and as you say “just cause”

So (you just knew I was going to have questions :wink: ) I see 2 ribbon cables leaving the Scorpion, but there are 5 LED modules connected.

How many 7 segments can be used off of 1 socket?

@ mhectorgato - Only one…

I have a 4 socket SPI hub designed up so you could drive 4 off one SPI socket…

So 2 are running on the Scorpion as you note, 2 are running off a Cerberus and 1 off a Bee.

I was going to run them all off the Scorpion but i ran out of time to wire them up to Connect modules to share the 1 SPI socket.

So i did what any good “Snake oil salesman” would do and fudged the numbers a bit :whistle:

Love it! As usual friday has just become a little brighter.

Thanks – so is that a sneak peak into next week’s TGIF?

Nope :smiley:

They look terrific

Very nice as always! How’s that website coming? :wink:

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