TFT SPI Display on G80

Hello Gents,
Since the documentation on your page is empty I would like to ask about some examples for display.
Can you send me some information or examples that allow me to use TFT SPI display on G80 (0.5 firmware)
I was not able to find full example on forum ;/

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You said it, SPI display. That is simply SPI.

Also, you listed your topic under NETMF but you link to TinyCLR. Wich system are you using?

Sorry it should be tinyclr :). I saw display in libraries and also I saw that on one of your board with G80 you are using display LCD TFT . I thought that you have got already created libraries and I will be able to use them just by invoking lcd.write(“Hello world”) or something like that :slight_smile:

A SPI display is simply SPI to TinyCLR. Each display will likely to have a different way to working. Do you have a display? Which board are you using? You have us zero information.

Hi Gus,
Sorry for lack of info. Here you are:
I am using G80 on my own PCB.
I am using tinyclr 0.5.
I would like to add one of these LCDs:
Driver ST7735S :
or this one 1.8 128x160 TFT LCD with SPI Interface [1.8-LCD-Module] - US $5.00 : HAOYU Electronics : Make Engineers Job Easier

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The second one uses the same display as

The code is done but needs to be cleaned up and posted.

Nice :slight_smile: Can you share with an information when it will be available ?