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TFT color touch screen


Just wanted to point this new screen:

A bit expensive, but cool anyway.


Al that money to get limited graphics! Why not use FEZ Cobra? :slight_smile:


Yes, I would buy cobra instead :stuck_out_tongue:


Holy batman their stuff is expensive… all their products are crazy.


Reminds me a lot of the 4D Systems LCDs; I’m sure it’s be great for something like AVRs that haven’t got the memory to handle graphics without a secondary processor, but for ARMs; Cobra is the way to go :wink:


I found this, it looks very promising, 35 euros, 240x320, touch enabled, but I don’t know how flexible/speedy it is.


It’s SPI controlled so max speed of 1000kbits per second or 125KB per second.

320x240 = 3 colors * 8 bits * 76800pixels or 225KB so less than 1 screen per second @ 320x240 if I did all my math right.


I have also bought things from "matrix orbital"
namely rs232 2 line displays (until I found MUCH cheaper alternatives)

The small 3.5" that plugs into the cobra seems to be a far better alternative.
I could buy these small sharp screens from farnell for a small price (under £50) but the 4.3" is nearly next to perfect for what I need. and GHI have done all the hard work already.