TFS doesn't survive IFU

I’ve created a “settings.dat” file using TFS but after IFU, the file contents are lost. Is there a specific way to configure the TFS so that my file survives IFU? I’ve extended the deployment area with the QSPI Flash on my SCM20260D Dev Board. Thanks!

If you are using TFS on QSPI, why did you extend QSPI for deployment?

It was to have a bigger deployment size in case I need it.

How big the TFS is? it is 16MB?

Try to set TFS only first 10MB, because last 6MB is for deployment.

when do IFU, only last 6MB is erased, it should not touch first 10MB. But if you use all 16MB then yes, the TFS will be erased.

Yes, it is 16MB. I’ve used the example QSPI driver you provided in your tutorials which pretty much does it that way. The first 10MB get allocated to TFS. You have the following statement in your documentation:

<< When external flash is used for buffering, IFU will overwrite the entire flash, minus the first 2MB and the area reserved for extending the application deployment area, as explained under External Flash on the External Memory page. A Tiny File System usage of the first 2MB of external flash will survive IFU even when useExternalFlash is enabled. >>

it means you need to adjust your TFS to 2MB, not all 16MB.

It was adjusted to 10MB, I’ll try it with 2MB and see if it gets overwritten. Thanks.

Is it still an issue or gone please?

It’s been resolved, my apologies for the late response.

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