Textbox.invalidate and window.invalidate in one window

when i am using textbox.invalidate and window.invalidate in one window sometime black background shown in textbox. i have everysecond call a both function . one called textbox and other window. textbox also part of window. how to solve?

Hey, right forum ! :slight_smile:

Biren, I don’t mean to sound disrespectful so sorry if this comes across this way.

I am finding it hard to understand what your desired outcome in all these pleas for help you make are. If you took a few more moments to explain how you’re trying to use the things you are using, and what the scenario you’re trying to achieve, you might get more input from the community. So for example, in this case, you might say “I have a window that contains a textbox and when I invalidate the textbox the master window sometimes ends up as a black background. I do this when a user clicks a button and I’m then trying to have the textbox reappear in a differnt way” (or whatever you’re trying to do). Can you elaborate on the scenario? It’d also help if you had a “minimal application” that you can reproduce this on it would help so we could see the specific logic error you have.

@ Brett - i am using two thread. one thread draw graph and other thread show serial data into textbox. serial data thread call many times in one second …so at time i am only update textbox. bt when second thread call it shows some black background

@ biren - i would also try image.invalidate for graph. bt one time its invalidate then the clear function not work .


bt my bitmap image is not clear

Read the Glide documentation for Invalidate() and Clear(). The explanation is there.