Text to speech & Gadgeteering the non-gadgeteeer

Gadgeteer plug-and-play makes electronics enjoyable but what if you want to use a module that is not gadgeteer-compatible? So quickly add the Breakout Module but other turn the non-gadgeteer into a real gadgeteer module. In this example @ Brett took a tech to speech module and then “gadgeteered” the module!


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.NET Gadgeteer: http://www.ghielectronics.com/technologies/.net-gadgeteer

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Very nice, Brett!

where can i get that white peg-board and nylon screws to plug my modules into?.. I don’t see them in the catalog and can’t find anything online; i don’t want to have to create my own out of plastic.

Likely its a Tamiya project board and they can be found in about a million places its seems:

yes the board is a Tamiya mounting plate in LARGE.

The plastic screws are an eBay special. I bought a couple of different size stand offs in 100 packs, and a number of different lengths of the screws in 100’s too. I think they have much less potential for issues; I had used metal ones to mount something on a previous board (a Domino I think) and ended up shorting GND to power - although Gadgeteer has a keep out area that should be less of an issue, I just don’t like taking the chance.

gentlemen, I have just ordered an emic-2 text to speech, and have a breakout board, BUT is it ok to just wire the 5V Gnd, Sin to Rx and Sout to Tx. or is there a problem with mixing these signals

it’s ok to do exactly that. Mine is talking to me right now using almost exactly those pins - although I have a custom Gadgeteer daughterboard that EMIC plugs into and gives me a screw-down connector for the speaker wires.

SIN needs to be pin 4, SOUT is pin 5.