Tetris port viable?


I’m looking at porting the Tetris code from [url]http://bansky.net/blog/2009/02/tetris-all-around/[/url] but I’ve seen a few comments on the speed of graphics on the Cobra that worry me a little.

Is this something I should consider or would you expect there to be speed issues with graphic redrawing that make this port unviable?


Graphics are fine and fast as long as you do not use WPF. See this video to the end. microframeworkprojects.com


In an attempt to connect a 4Systems LCD display to my FEZ Domino/mini in have created a Testris game. And it did work very nice.
I need to find some time to work on it because it was very to play with it.
When you want i can publish it on fezzer or the wiki. But it is still work in progress.



Thanks, I’ll give it a go as a non-WPF app.

Niels, yes id’ be interested in your code as well, all good stuff to learn from.