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Testing UART using TerraTerm


Am I doing something wrong? I have connected my Fez Domino to a DB9 shield, then connected that to a COM port on my computer. I open up TerraTerm, and see the new COM port, so I choose it and connect to it (COM5 on computer). After that, I see nothing, i can’t type or anything. I was able to get my Fez Domino working with a loop/jumper. Is there something special I have to do?


Have you set the Tera Term Terminal Setup like in the picture??


Yes I do. One thing I noticed based on your image, is when I send a string, do I need to add “\n” after the string to send a carriage return (CR) ?

This is my function for sending data via COM port:

static void send(String msg)
            tx_data = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(msg);  //get file

            // flush all data
            // send some data
            UART.Write(tx_data, 0, tx_data.Length);
            // wait to make sure data is transmitted



you can set the Transmit to CR+LF so you don’t need to add \n

Have you try to use the example in the eBook, from the download page?

17.1 UART page 76

Could not tell from the code snippet, what you want to do exactly.


Thanks for your recommendation. However, when I try the sample code, this is the output i get…


Good progress. Now make sure the baudrate in teratem is the same. I see in your code it is 115200


Oh man, how could I be so forgetful! I really appreciate your help and patience. I’m really kicking myself right now for not even checking that…how embarrassing! But either way… Thank you!


I did the exact mistake when I first learnt UART. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think basically everyone has fallen into that pitfall at some point or another. I know I have. Don’t feel too bad :wink:


…but always assume the answer to your first question is “Yes” :slight_smile: