Testing is never optional and you never believe a salesman

OK this guy is a snake oil salesman and deserves to be beat and jailed, but didn’t anyone bother to test the devices before they purchased them? I also wonder how much he got from the bad guys as a kickback for basically disabling law enforcement.

I read an article from 4+ years ago where this guy was already under suspicion of fraud, selling these bogus devices. I guess it took this long for him to be sentenced.

Most of his victims were Iraqi law-enforcement. Apparently he made most of his sales at the height of Iraq’s sectarian conflict, when local law enforcement was [em]really[/em] desperate for any kind of solution, even if it sounded too good to be true.

10 years not enough.
working a lot with people who search and detect old munitions and bombs. The daily put at risk there life to bring us a clean areal.

Even more interesting is the fact that one of his customers swears the devices aren’t fake, and that they’ve caught several bad guys and prevented several crimes using the devices.

With $76M you can buy at least one good story :wink:

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