Terrence will wet himself

Seeing what Mr DHL just dropped off :joy:


Well, I sure hope those are 40’s!

Please do explain:)

@Terrence What do one of the little baggies (on the right) say…

Well I was thrown off by the ble action, hoping for nRF52840 - the long range version of the528, but now that you mention it I do see my girlfriend Lora over there!!

@Terrence - how about putting some of the baggies on top off this is the sun :grin:


Looks cool! How about some details and how to get one.

Holy moly bat man. That is shaping up to be a killer situation. Keep the details coming. I’m going to get some popcorn.

Don’t egg him on kids. He’s just winding you up. Haven’t you ever seen elaborate 3d renders? He’s teaching himself CGI skillz at night to lead you all astray by day

You may be right Brett, the shadows don’t look quite right on some of those “photos”.
Justin, you are BUSTED!

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New 3D rendering trying to be more realistic by attempting to show reading of onboard temp / pressure sensor data being sent via a LoraBee.

In a vein attempt to pull the wool i have added post production LED blinking :joy:


obviously fake. 2011? Must have been easy to take a screen grab and interpolate that into a video