TeraTerm XMODEM Stutters

I’m using the “G” command in TeraTerm (GHI’s recommended version!) to extract the application currently loaded in a Panda II using XMODEM 1K binary. When I do this, it shows me the number of bytes currently transferred, but this value freezes for several seconds, then advances a couple more bytes, then freezes again for a few seconds. This goes on for maybe about 30 seconds, and then the transfer proceeds smoothly from there with no more stuttering.

Is this behavior normal? Or is something going on?

The first few times I used XMODEM, the file transfer was always lightning quick. I only noticed this behavior after I split the Panda’s flash into application/bootloader regions, then I loaded my app into the application region, and then tried to read it back via XMODEM.

Maybe teraterm is messed up. Try rest PC?