TemperatureHumidity class and measurement interval

is it possibile to set the measurement interval for the TemperatureHumidity class of the related module ?


You can download and add the driver code to your project and change amount of time the worker thread sleeps for on line 79. Be careful about decreasing the time, though. Too frequent of measurements can warm up the sensor and skew your readings.

I want to increase it. Where I can found driver source code ?

You can find the source for all Gadgeteer modules on https://gadgeteer.codeplex.com/. https://www.ghielectronics.com/docs/122/gadgeteer-driver-modification should be helpful as well.

Great !
Thanks !


I think I had a bug and not update the code. I will look into tomorrow.

Hi Makla,
you already done that I want to do ! thanks !
I can download the actual driver or there are some problems ?


Yes it works. For me more then a year.
You can use installer to install module into VS Toolbox.

And what about your last reply…“I think I had a bug and not update the code. I will look into Tomorrow” ?

You can use:

Forget about it what I really changed.
There was no bug, just added feature to use it with pins (for Cerb40).

But I did some changes I will update the source in an hour.

Ok. Thanks. :wink:


Added support for using module on non-gadgeteer mainboard like Cerb40. You can use TemperatureHumidityIO dll for this purpose.

In both cases (Gadgeteer or Non-Gadgeteer) you need to add reference to TemperatureHumidityShare which host interface for both projects (Gadgeteer and Non-Gadgeteer).

You can still use Installer in root folder. Let me know if you have any problems.