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TellyMate Shield



I want to buy the TellyMate Shield from

I´ve already contacted the support from batsocks.
The Mega8 (5v) on the TellyMate needs to see 3v on an input to guarantee reading ‘high’ (VIH = 0.6 * Vcc = 3v)
The LPC2388 (3.3v) can only guarantee 2.9v (VOH = VDD - 0.4v = 2.9v).

What do you think?
Does it work?

Kind regards


We have already used the tellymate with FEZ. We didn’t add it to website because it doesn’t give colorful graphics (like we are doing with FEZ Gameo)

I will try to find out who has the code and maybe post it here.


I don´t need colorful graphics or whatever. I just want to display some data like temperatures etc.

Does the Shield work with FEZ?

Kind regards,


I have already answered your question in last post…please read it again :slight_smile:

We have already used the tellymate with FEZ[/quote]

so yes it works with FEZ :wink:


I´ve read it. But I want to be sure.

Thank you.