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This is kinda a cool concept. A tech shop you can go to and build stuff with on-site help and classes for daily or monthly membership. Mom/pop or engineers. Get access to 3d printers, laser cutters, mills, electronics, torches, expert help, etc. I like it.

Dearborn, MI location coming this summer.


For those in the Netherlands:
This concept is also available in the Netherlands.

More info:

I love this concept. I will stop by at one of those in the next couple weeks. 8)


OMG love it! Maybe some day Poland will one of those as well…


most hackerspaces are similar, although not necessarily open like this, nor with the full range of equipment, and sometimes the advice could be hit and miss :slight_smile: But besides that, pretty much exactly the same ( :wink: well you know…)


I would love to have one of these around. It is funny I was just reading related article about techshops:


We started a local one here. If want one just find 20-30 like minded people and start one.


These guys are only like 25 miles away from us. ;D


I would concider partnering on one. We have some retail space in Lapeer, MI if anyone wants to toss spegette on the wall and is like <=60 miles away. The hard part is est membership and customers. Kinda a guess game. The downstroke on equip may be too risky. Then again, I suppose in this economy, there is probably some great deals out there.


I was a member of the Menlo Park TechShop when I lived in Silicon Valley.

AWESOME concept, AWESOME implementation and a great group of people. The classes were great as well to learn to use some of the machines I hadn’t ever used, or hadn’t used in a while.

Had a lot of fun, really wish I could have spent more time there!


Lucky! The closest to me is Raleigh, NC ~200 miles from here. :frowning: