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Hi Gus, love those videos, provide me with great confidence in GHI commitment to Micro Framework and gives practical advice. I do enjoy watching them.

Keep up the good work!


The energy we have in this community is what keep us innovating. Thanks for the feedback.

Speaking of micro framework, you will absolutely love the next announcement :slight_smile:

@ Gus - [quote]you will absolutely love the next announcement [/quote]

Ok…we are ready to receive it NOW.

Cliff hanger :slight_smile:

We are back at it :slight_smile: Exciting time…

I miss those days where Gus would throw teasers and all of us would chomping at the bit for it to arrive…

…when is the next announcement :slight_smile:

@ Designer - How can you miss those days; they are still here.

I am sure you all want something great for Christmas. Something you get for free and it is absolutely amazing.

I know I love getting things for free :slight_smile:

PS: If you all are extra good, Christmas will come early this year!

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@ Mr. John Smith - agree !

However I have been a forum member since 2010 and I am waiting for things to go back to those levels.


“Studio A” renovations are underway. Behr’s “Gamma Sector Green” goes up in the morning.

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[quote]Order Number: SPJJT-QY1MT-MZ4
Order Date: 05/15/2010[/quote]

My first Fez Purchase. Been a forum member ever since then. Those were bustling times. The tech was new, and information was a flowing.

@ Mr. John Smith @ Designer - And those days are coming back. Instead of giving excuses, we will give you what you need and then some more. We are still the same passionate people you already know, but we needed some time to figure few things out. I have an M7 on my desk but then I can’t tell you everything :wink:

@ Gus - I don’t see you all giving excuses. So long as you guys are expanding, adding staff, buying expensive new pick and place machines and reflow ovens I know all is well.

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Miam, miam !!! I’ll wait … but please @ Gus have a big sack !

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Popcorn is ready. I’m waiting… :clap:

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Ok, Gus, December is upon us. Early Christmas gifts are allowed now…