Tech Talk with Gus 17 - TicTacToe & TinyCLR-OS

On today’s episode, we’ll show you how to use the future, TinyCLR-OS, on your old Gadgeteer products. Using a TicTacToe demo.


TicTacToe code sample:


Odd definition of “winning”… I’d say the only way to win is to play. However, in a perfect game of Tic-Tac-Toe there is always a draw.

@ Gus - another great one. Not as good as last weeks…but still good :wink: Personally, I couldn’t live with that wiring. Some substantially smaller wire and some clean routing with lots of zipties would make it a much nicer. Also, if there is ever a v3 I’d consider using addressable LEDs and eliminate just about all of that wiring.


@ Gus, a suggestion about leaking information on future plans. We all know you like doing this, and I don’t want you to stop :wink: but…

“We have nothing to commit to today, but the team are working on supporting G120 and G400” makes a much more meaningful statement than being coy and saying you don’t know what the plans are. A message like that has the chance of derailing commercial customers who think there’s no clear strategy.

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@ Brett - Do you really think a commercial customer is going to make their decision on using our products solely on a video about rehabbing a tic-tac-toe demo that we did 3 - 4 years ago? I’m not arguing but that would be very surprising to me that this video would be the only research they do.

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@ ianlee74 - Sweet, I can’t wait to see your demo when it’s done. Are you going to give the people a chance to win or code it so that they never win?

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no, but a simple thing like that can totally be the deal breaker. I think public perception is really important - and to me, strategic intent is diluted by having someone important to the future of tinyclr/netmf saying they don’t know what the plans are. You know that I and many others will still be here no matter how many leaks Gus makes, for better or for worse, and we understand what Gus is doing when he says that but to the casual observer who has none of the experience of these kinds of comments taking it not the way you’d like. (you also know I’m only saying this to help you guys, right )

I agree with @ Brett here. I can’t show any of these videos to anyone that has any decision making power or they will be immediately turned off and tell me to stay away from this platform. That’s not what you wanted at all.

I wrote that code in college. It’s impossible to win once all the bugs are out :wink:

You’ve got to give them a fighting chance, especially me, you’ve met me! you know that I am…mmm…how should is say this…special!

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You don’t have to explain that you are trying to help, I try to always take most of the feedback as constructive criticism but if I disagree or don’t fully understand I like to flush it out. Based on the commercial customers we have had for a long time and the new ones I talk to almost daily I just don’t see how they would base their decision on tic-tac-toe demo. Now, if this was the big coming out party and we are saying it’s ready for full production but we also say we we don’t know about a particular feature then I might agree depending on the context of the conversation.

I would hope that you would use a demo of project versus a tic-tac-toe video to get the higher powers on board with a platform. With that being said we have said several times that the platform is new and is not ready for production use, etc, It would be very surprising to me if someone was trying to pitch tinyclr as a platform for a current product in R&D. Now later this year I would expect for people to start having those conversations.

@ Gary - I plan to start having that discussion the day the version for the G120 comes out. No pressure, as I’m sure my future customers won’t mind.

Edit: I’m talking about the tinyclr os.

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This is a fun talk to those with gadgeteer gear, not a marketing material for TinyCLR in a commercial use environment, which we will focus on when we have all bases covered in the very near future.

I’m explicitly talking about the comments regarding Gus not knowing what the team’s bigger plans are. The tic-tac-toe demo is fine.

that’s what I am saying it was comments made in a tic-tac-toe demo not a production release video.

it’s all perceptions… As long as you guys are cool with it, fine… not much point me pointing out a viewpoint from afar

LOL, don’t give up, I am still trying to understand it. You just haven’t made a clear argument for your point yet. :whistle:

Anyone who sees that vid can think, geez Gus is meant to be the guy with a lot of sway in a small company, isn’t it pretty strange for him to say he doesn’t know what his team are doing?

And seriously, if you’re ok with the message, it’s not a problem. Really just trying to point out that not all messages are equal, and often it’s the unintended consequences that have the biggest impact