Tech Talk with Gus 08 - OSD3358 SiP

Today will be talking about the OSD3358 System in Package(SiP), and it’s opportunity for development in your designs and projects.


Thanks to the holidays, this Friday’s episode is coming to you early :slight_smile:

The SOM is still not available for purchase. When will this be available? The TH is too large for my intended project.

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I liked the level of information in the video, not too shallow but not too technical. The beginner could understand. I do wish more videos would mention the PRUs though. It seems like the prus are the bastard child of the chip. They are worth writing an entire book about.

@ Mr. John Smith - the video mentioned nothing of the processor’s capabilities, not just the PRUs.

Hey Gus,

I’m getting ready to design a custom PCB based on the BeagleBone Black. So while researching one of my colleages pointed out the OSD3358 (or at least, I think he meant this chip, since it’s closest to what he described).
Anyway, one of the requirements for my PCB is a CAN interface, but according to the datasheet the OSD3358 did not inherit the AM3358’s CAN-interface. Is that correct, or is it actually available but just missing from the datasheets?

@ Arendo - This may be of help, one of our forum members mcalsyn posted this.

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