Tech Talk with Gus 04 - Capacitive Touch

Time for the next Tech Talk with Gus. :dance: This week enjoy our Halloween episode.

Gus will talk about capacitive sensing. This will include simple wire sensing using our PulseFeedback feature and then we show how it’s done with Sparkfun’s Touch Shield and using a multi-touch capacitive display.


Scariest Halloween mask I expect to see this season! :wink: Another great one, Gus. Thanks!

What’s with the 3 minutes blank screen at the end of the video? Am I the only one who watched till the end?

@ ianlee74 - Thanks for the encouragement.

@ EvoMotors - power outage :wall:


You didn’t see the 2.5 min message from those guys claiming to be from the dark side of the moon? :wink:

Aw… a Gadgeteer tombstone… :frowning:

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@ Gus, That was actually a pretty good explanation of capacitive touch. Also for the young electronics guys out there, remember: everything has capacitance!


Great episode, brought back memories of how the old PC Game Port used to work, I remember writing the routines in assembly in the 80s to measure the discharge time on the game port pins to determine the position of the joystick.