Tech Talk with Gus 030 - w/Special Guest: Martin Calsyn

On today’s episode special guest Martin Calsyn visits the Tech Talk studio.


Great interview Gus. Martin, you have a voice for radio. Next career, podcasting about the micro development experience.

Next interview with GHI will hopefully go into what you and Justin are up to these days.


@ Greg Norris - Give us MOAR MARTIN! :smiley:

Seriously, though, nice to see the interview style Tech Talk.


Great interview! Loved the “fantastic to meet all the great people…and Gary!” :smiley:


Wow. Watching yourself on camera is humbling. Greg did a great job editing out any idiocy on my part. Besides, 9hrs of raw footage was too long for anyone to watch anyway. :slight_smile: Hats off to Greg for a great job all around.

It was a fantastic visit and in spite of my bad attempt at humor in the video, everyone there was really fantastic. Special thanks to Gus, Gary, and John and to Mike and the production team for being very open and welcoming. I could have hung out on that production line all day. Beyond the folks that we see here in the forum, there’s a substantial number of other folks behind the scenes that work together to keep GHI running. It’s an impressive operation. Also impressive is the level of dedication that Gus and Gary show in moving the company forward and in fostering the technology. This is not a 9-to-5 operation. And hats off to John for some truly impressive technical work currently underway.

I am under an NDA cone of silence, but I can tell you that I am VERY excited about all of the great stuff in the pipeline. It’s a smart and very dedicated team throughout the GHI organization and there’s a lot going on internally that will benefit and expand their base of users and clients.

Thanks for being gracious hosts and generous collaborators and I look forward to seeing you all there again soon.


@ mcalsyn - When/Where can we get an autograph?


@ suitable1 - I am currently in hiding. Too much fun stuff to work on … a compiler in one hand and a vodka martini in the other. At night though, you might find me in the hottest night spots around, doing embarrassing things in the VIP. Gotta give the paparazzi something or people forget you. But I am out there - way out there - fostering the school of gonzo software development; a less reputable (but more fun) outgrowth of ‘agile’.


@ mcalsyn - Ok Martin, it’s time for a new avatar.

Don’t you guys think he looks like Bruce Willis?


@ ianlee74 - Time for you to head back to GHI for an interview!


Let’s let Martin enjoy his day in the sun first :wink:

Maybe I’ll have something new and more exciting than C.A.T.T. Bot to bring up there next January :smiley:

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I vote for #2.

Except Martin is about 2 feet taller than Bruce :smiley: I wish there was a picture of Martin standing next to Gus. That would be a sight!


I am sure Gus did not allow that photo op to happen.

Re Photo with Gus : As I said, I am under NDA.

I’m not even gonna bite at the Bruce Willis thing. I have enough trouble carrying this ego around as it is.

EDIT: Avatar changed per popular demand.


@ mcalsyn - [quote]. At night though, you might find me in the hottest night spots around, doing embarrassing things in the VIP. Gotta give the paparazzi something or people forget you.[/quote]

Who knew? :slight_smile:

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@ ianlee74 - no tech talks with you in it anymore :wall:

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How did I miss this? Martin I learn a ton of stuff from you and your posts and such on this forum, thanks.