Tech Talk with Gus 03 - TH Boards & GXP Header

It’s time for another “Gustastic Fezisode” of Tech Talk with Gus

Today we’ll talk about TH Boards. These are the through hole board that are to be simplistic and plug in breadboards. We all also talk about the GXP Header and how to use it to add displays, by directly plugging in or though an IDE cable.


It was me who mentioned the clock needing a protective ground on the clock.



@ Dave McLaughlin - Yes I remember now. Thank you for the pointer :clap:

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5" LCD???

You don’t support the 5" on the NVH board, only 4.3" and 7.0"


@ Dave McLaughlin - good catch. I was thinking it is a 5" display because we have the 5" on the OSD dev board! Anyway, the video is talking about the GXP concept and not specifically about the NHVN board.

Another great video. Thanks!

You really should paint that back wall. It sucks the light out of the video and doesn’t really color coordinate well, IMHO. Maybe paint it to match this image (with the logo)?

Gus did talk about the chroma key on Video 1. That should allow them to replace the bg.

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