Tech Talk with Gus 029 - BrainPad

In this episode, we talk about our latest version of the BrainPad, and different ways it can be used as an educational tool.


Will there be additional course material, beyond what is shown in the resources area of the brainpad catalog, available in the future? The video seems to imply it.

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@ Mike - correct. Much more to come soon.


Very nice. I think it would have been better to show this once the new board is available for purchase. I wonder how many impulse purchases you missed out on… ???

@ ianlee74 - we are interested in long term partnerships. Actually, at this early stage, anyone willing to help will probably get a free one :wink:

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Looks fantastic, guys :slight_smile:

It is going to be great to see a whole curriculum built around these boards – the “all-in-one” configuration looks like it will make it superb for getting started quickly!

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Same question as @ cyberhome. Since this is just a simplified version of the previous Brainpad, I would assume everything would just work. Are you talking about updating the curriculum?

What are the dimensions of the new board? My first thought when I saw it was that it would be awesome if you could custom screen print the back side and use it as a conference / Maker Faire badge :wink:

When is the new smaller board coming?

Simplified? The boards are near identical. We only made the board smaller. The only thing missing is the traffic light.

As for help, we need more teachers willing to try the BrainPad with their students. The more feedback we get, the more we can provide.

As for the back, we have changed it to accommodate special prints for sponsorship opportunities. More on this later.

We are still running final small touch ups. But we are not rushing it at all. Perfection is what we seek 8)

And the up/down/left/right button layout is now only a left/right/select

@ Brett - Aron managed to squeeze in the forth button back. We are reviewing the change… Meaning the forth button may come back.


@ cyberh0me -

I think the joystick would be the ideal solution.
Two birds with one stone…

Reduced the size, removed the traffic light, removed a couple buttons == simplified :slight_smile:

Excellent. Sounds like we’re thinking the same.


4 buttons arranged in cardinal directions, and an optional snap-on joystick piece that could utilize the 4 buttons would be ideal.

That’s an interesting thought. Have you seen such a configuration before?

I have, but I dont recall where. I think it was a joystick module from aliexpress or dfrobot or seeedstudio or sparkfun a couple of years ago.

@ mtylerjr -

If the new BrainPad will have a Click header.
Joystick click Magnetic (Hall sensor with Button)
MIKROE-1506 $22.00

MIKROE-1627 $20.00

Or just 4 buttons
2x2 Key click
MIKROE-2152 $9.00