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Tech Talk with Gus 027 - Bit-Banging


In this episode, we talk about the concept of Bit-Banging, how it works and why it is used.


It would be cool if there was a signal generator class that allow for generating signals on more than one pins.


@ Mr. John Smith - you can use our signal generator on multiple pins. You mean multiple pins in sync using the same data stream? Why do you need that?


@ Gus - I need a custom SPI solution, with a single Write Pin and Multiple read pins. The multiple reads are just taps on each of the serial devices to ensure that they are communicating with each other properly. So that’s MOSI, Clock and CS Output Pins, plus one MISO, and nine Master Listen Slave Out.


Custom needs should not be in the standard API. This is where we give you a way to make you own custom things…more on that in the future :slight_smile: