Tech Talk with Gus 026 - Where's Gus?

In this episode we’ve taken over Tech Talk, Gus is gone. In honor of the month of April, we bring you this Special Edition a day early.


@ Greg Norris - yes, one of the more informative videos in the series. :clap:

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@ Greg Norris -

You need to invest in a quality Teleprompter for Gus.

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My [second] favorite video so far!

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@ ianlee74 - Hmmm…I can’t imagine what your first might be… 8)

The other interesting thing in the clips is the Amazing Shrinking Gus. Nicely done. Is that the caffeine and over-work diet or something more mundane?


Gus & I actually talked about this while I was there. It turns out that being a movie star and seeing yourself on camera is a good diet motivator :wink:


Yes, a homemade one, driven by new TinyClr !!!

@ Greg

While I have not been engaged to provide you with legal counsel, I think the video may provide you with basis for a sexual harassment suit.

Sexy, if you would like to discuss your case further, give me a call.


Love the bit at the start with the 90 deg video and reference to Gary operating the camera :clap: