Tech specs

Where might I find info on tech specs like, pwm freq range, pull up resistor values, ect, other such relevant info to design sw/hw.

Do I need to find the spec sheets on the underlying MCU? But then that wouldn’t have info on for example the software driven pwm would it?

Just hoping to find all this info consolidated into one place.

We try to keep all that under individual tutorials. If there are missing info then we are here to answer your questions and improve the docs.

And yes you are right, some questions are answered by the STM32 datasheet, like the value of internal pull up resistor. But others need to be answered by us, like what is the PWM range.

I am curious on what you are building that you need to know the pull up value and need the limits of PWM. Can you share?

There is nothing particular about knowing the pwm range or pull up value, it was given just as an example of some recent questions i had when i was trying to determine the capability of the pwm, or try to predict how much of a burden the pull ups would be on a battery application. Its kind of basic design info to have I believe.

More than anything i do a lot of everything, so its best for me to understand the capabilities so i do not need as much trial and error or proof of concept.

That said, ive been all over the pwm tutorial and do not see such detail.
I do see properties to retrieve these during run time, I would just like to have these basic details on hand. Besides which i do not actually have all devices i would like for trial and error…

That said, i dont mind telling you I am currently working on a vehicle management computer. I know that is a rather generic description, but until i get something working, there really isn’t much to brag about.

I spent the last several days chasing down a bug, where the issue appears to be that there is an arbitrary default Gpio DebounceTimeout set to input pins.

Again I find that when an arbitrary values are in play, if such information is not presented in online documentation (i always check the online documentation) General Purpose Input Output (GPIO)
Then I for one tend to design without it, and run into these silly problems.

Of course a solution is to simply probe the device and check for these things before hand, but that is a poor substitution for a document

The source for the GHI libraries are available on github. It is an important part of the documentation set.

If you think something should be added to documentation then open an issue on github instead of complaining on forum.

Exactly where in the source does the source report gpio debounce time is 20ms?
I’d appreciate being proved ignorant here.

And if my complaining in the forum bothers you, you can always ignore the thread or write the bug yourself

FYI. The following is from the documentation.

When a mechanical button is pressed it generates multiple edges that are caused by the contact physically bouncing. The built in debounce feature filters out any edges coming in faster than a specific time, which is set to 20ms be default. The debounce value can be changed using software.

I don’t think a complaint about complaining counts as a bug.

Might you care to share a link to this info that I seem to be missing out on?

So you would rather fill the forum up with this nonsense?

I have fallen into that trap before and completely forgot that there is a default denounce of 20ms.

It is documented but this is an easy one to miss. But I am glad you found it.

Yes thanks to @Mike snide remarks I was compelled to reread the tutorial until I uncovered the data for myself.
Though first digging through the libraries source there seems no mention of it as was implied.

maybe it’s just me but I prefer the datasheet/table format to uncovering quantitative data rather than finding it in story format. But will take what I can get. Thank you