TE35 Display Module randomly flips text

I have a TE35 module incorporated into an a unit. I am running into an issue where the text on my display will be flipped when I power up the unit. Sometimes if I power cycle it will fix itself and other times it stays like that for multiple power cycles. We have been using this display on multiple units and this is a new ‘feature’. Any thoughts if this is a hardware noise issue or a software issue? A few things have changed on each but nothing drastic.

@ andre.m - I think it might be this kind of flipping… this recently appeared on my T35.

Impossible to get the SP035GT-07 LCD datasheet for the LCD used on the TE35 from anywhere without paying for it :frowning:

I was hoping to see if the pins on the LCD that GHI have marked as TEST POINTS are possibly inputs that select the scan direction. Some LCD’s have inputs you set for horizontal and vertical flipping the scan direction.

It is possible that your setup is possibly generating a spurious input to one of those pins (assuming it has this option) and causing the display to flip.

Just a thought.

@ Dave McLaughlin - Are you looking for this document? [url]http://www.jax184.com/projects/Nomad/SP035GT-07OK.pdf[/url]

Thanks. My suspicion was wrong. There are no pins to control this. :frowning: