Task Tracker - Working Cellular tcp/ip

I just posted Working Cellular tcp/ip on Task Tracker. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.

Working Cellular tcp/ip was updated.

Status went from Proposed to Closed.

This was critical to my needs. Right now I am shifting my design to an embedded board with Android simply because I can’t use the G400 with the modem to do updates as it needs PPP to do this. I have tried doing this with the AT commands but it won’t work because of the OVERRUNS on the serial port :frowning:

I will still use the G400 but only for designs that don’t have a modem.

Just a general comment about the use of the Task Tracker and reading over GHI’s reply… Is it really appropriate to close a task without something actually either being finished or a decision being made not to do the work? I’d like to be able to see these threads pop up as “closed” when there is some finality. This task seems like its still very much open.

And PPP is in the works like explained. We hope to have more info soon.

@ ianlee74 - to me it is closed. PPP could change this in the future but that is not available today so no new driver and this task is closed. At least on our end.

Sorry, I think I misunderstood the reply the first time. It sounded like you were saying you might come back and update the driver but you hadn’t really decided at this point depending on where PPP ends up. Looking back at the original request this is less confusing…

I seriously misunderstood the role of the task tracker, as I understood, it was a great tool to support GHI based on community needs.

I seriously still needs to support my project with cellular networking, and still seriously wonders why this is not high priority.

Now its closed, and I understand it like this: GHI will not make celluar, go somewhere else with your needs.


@ njbuch - like I explained, we will not work in this unless wet have PPP. however, the code is open if anyone is interested in improving the seeeds drivers. To us, we rather give you something super awesome, and in this case we need PPP first.

Thanks for that. Is PPP coming with 4.3?

@ njbuch - I have provided all info I have available now. Stay tuned for updates please.