Task Tracker - Gadgeteer "features" enabled on stand alone devices

I just posted Gadgeteer “features” enabled on stand alone devices on Task Tracker. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.

this request is confusing to me. I don’t understand what you want. :frowning:

@ Mike - I think he wants to use the same code/module config for
G120HDR + SD + ENC28
Cobra II
Haven’t there been a Gadgeteer board with G120?

Cobra2 is already a Gadgeteer board.

If I use a Cerberus for example, I drag the SD card module onto the designer and attach it to an F socket. I can then reference the SD Card object, attach handlers, and interact with it.

            sdCard.SDCardMounted += sdCard_SDCardMounted;
            sdCard.SDCardUnmounted += sdCard_SDCardUnmounted;

When I replace the Cerb with a Cobra, none of this happens automatically. I want to be able to leave my code alone, I want the mainboard driver to include this since it is equivalent. Sure I can go and muck around with PersistentStorage on the “SD” device but that requires code change. If I changed the Cerb for a Hydra or a Raptor, a code change wouldn’t be necessary. The intent of Gadgeteer is to make module swaps easy, why not make mainboard swaps easy too.

This is only an issue because Gadgeteer is a “layer” above NETMF. Had the Gadgeteer team put the functionality directly into NETMF, it would be a non-issue. Instead of duplicating the work in NETMF, why not just move it over?

For my part, I can live good without the extra Gadgeteer layer/overhead.
For less experienced developers this might not be true.

Lets lure more innocent people into the NETMF world with this nice and fancy blink blink Gadgeteer stuff/designers/modules/… :smiley:

The only reason I proposed this is that “hybrid” devices like the Cobra 2 are a great way to put a shedload of functions that you always want, on a mainboard - so make it no harder than doing the same with a fully-socketed mainboard. It simplifies the transition for those people who want to stay in the Gadgeteer paradigm.

Can everything be done by the user? Yes, of course, you can probably copy in the module code, adjust for specifics of the Cobra, and you’re done. But why? If it can be done by adding at the mainboard definition/software layer then I say do it!

I am really interested in hearing more on this topic, as I am struggling seriously with porting code between different mainboards and setups. I wish there was some universal acces for similar devices. GHI?

@ NJBuch, what features in particular are you struggling with ? SD card is the one I would like to see smoother, but there may be others?

The networking functions between different hardware is inconsistent, and not portable.

Some of that is because the hardware differs significantly… especially in the case of things like the wiznet, where it’s pretty much all implemented in the hardware, so there’s a real limit on what can be provided. In the case of the ENC solutions vs the PHY solutions, again, there’s a big difference in the software stacks because of the big differences in the hardware.

In other areas, some of the differences are the result of the differences between the premium and OSHW libraries.

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Gadgeteer “features” enabled on stand alone devices was updated.

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