Task Tracker - FezConfig and updating TinyBooter

I just posted FezConfig and updating TinyBooter on Task Tracker. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.

It’s the same with G120.
In my opinion, the tiny booter update should not be hidden in advanced menu, even that it might not be needed that often anymore.

It only makes sense when Tinybooter never changes - and at the moment there’s a lot of changes.

FezConfig and updating TinyBooter was updated.

Status went from Proposed to Closed.

I can not see a reason to not fix something that you know is wrong in the software regardless of how often it occurs. Wrong being an outdated tiny boot loader. Does not bother me much, but does not make a good impression on new users.

@ Mike - Well it is not necessarily wrong. Now that TinyBooter has largely stabilized, updating to the latest version is not required so a user can skip it unless they need the thing fixed by the updated version.

Another reason is commercial customers who may not want to use the latest loader. I think we should make it easier to see the version but not force anyone.

We will revisit the entire tool before the big 2015 release.

@ John - I fully understand your position. I just don’t agree. >:)

Are all your boards currently shipping with the latest tiny boot

If so, please make the window resizable, with it’s Contents growing as well.
Specially the Output window.
Also connect disconnect to the debug Interface for Output window should not only be accessible by the menu. A button below the Output window would be great. Keyboard shortcuts (like F5 as in MFDeploy) for connect would also be great.
Also an automatic reconnect Checkbox would be nice, so you can run it over night without fearing to loose Connection.
And disabling Auto scroll down, when Cursor is not at the end of the Output window.

And: is there a reason why it Needs administrative rights? If possible, please start FEZConfig with “as Invoker”.

These modifications would make FEZConfig an even more usable tool for me.

p.s. have you considered making FEZConfig open source? Or may be split it in an core assembly dll with documented API and the UI in an exe? By this anyone could create the tool to it’s best needs.
I know that the MFDeploy engine is out there, but using it is quite a pain in the a… I tried it once.

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@ Reinhard Ostermeier - We will keep all of that in mind. We have actually already started looking into FEZ Config and the G400/Hydra loader updaters no longer needing administrative rights.