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I just posted Create a reference hardware to evaluate G400 BuiltIn ethernet on Task Tracker. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.

Isn’t this already avalable with
G400D + G400HDR + Ethernet J11D?

No, G400HDR doesn’t have “E” socket.

Well, that’s sad :frowning:

very sad!

@ Simon from Vilnius - It doesn’t have an E socket, but it does expose all the pins you need on the headers near the reset button. E_RX+, E_RX-, E_TX+, E_RX-, E_LED0 and E_LED1. Just connect those to pins 4-9 on the Ethernet J11D and it should work fine. If you’re incorporating your own Ethernet connect, you can use the J11D as a reference for what you would need.

@ John - Sodlering is always possible but it takes times and can be source of error. This is particularly the case when you can’t have a reliable ethernet and strange behavior like the one we suspect now on other post. At least having a reliable hardware like a E socket and J11D would remove some uncertainties.

@ leforban - I wired it up with our breadboard and it worked fine, but we will keep a reference hardware in mind for the future.

it works also in my case but after spending days to check and recheck that the problem was not coming from my soldering skills but a software problem. Having something that reduces error proning like an easy and reliable way to connect ethernet built in is to my opinion a “must have” of such a bread board.

I do not consider that G400D is dedicated to a kind of user, it’s just the “faster” device. Easy to solder, yes but it’s not that hard neither to add the socket on eagle…

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[line]The G400 Development Board is now available with built in Ethernet: https://www.ghielectronics.com/community/forum/topic?id=21475