Tactile Switch Recommendations

I am in need of suggestions on tactile switches. I need a plunger type switch to protrude from the housing that is VERY stable. As in it has no play/side to side wiggle that makes it feel unstable and cheap. Also needs to have tactile feedback (i.e. clicked when pressed). LED lighting may be something we want as well but not mandatory.

The reason I am asking for guidance results from every switch my company has purchased is always wobbly and I have been told to find better ones.

If you can live with non protruding switches then you should look up Vandal Resistant Switches.

@Mr_John_Smith I apologize, I forgot to add they must be protruding through our housing.

Also should all buttons be handled by a single Interrupt Handler?

Do you mean event handler? It’s not necessary, but it does make for cleaner code.

I think perhaps a stomp switch may work.

Yes I meant the event handler. Someone suggested it the other day and I hadn’t ever thought of it.

Thank you let me check those switches out real quick.

@Mr_John_Smith Those are too big I think. What is that type of switch / name of the mechanics used in it so I can search by that type on DigiKey?

Stomp/Foot Switches.


Not sure you’re going to find a push button switch that’s smaller than that. However you could use a keyboard switch like the Cherry MX if you want the better of both worlds.

I have seen the Cherry MX’s before actually, I probably need something like that but with a smaller cap than a keyboard cap. Guessing they aren’t on Digikey

Nvm they do have cherrys on digikey not sure about MC though

I don’t understand the difference between push button, tactile, and snap action switches

@Mr_John_Smith The data sheet here says the MX’s are 15mm by 15 mm thats is huge! Do they have a smaller size? The front face of my device is only 4 inches wide and I need to match the buttons up with the characters on the display


why dont you ask the one who actually knows it ? digikey ? :smiley:

there isn’t any other sizes on digikey thats why I am asking if he knows of another size of either that model or a similiar one. I have scoured digikey for countless hours looking at switches, I am not sure how to determine if the ones I have in mind are sturdy like requested in the original post.

great distributors are happy to answer customer questions by email and value added distributors are able to handle customer phone calls :smiley:

These are the switches I use. They’re sealed and VERY solid.


Whoops those don’t have tactile feedback.

My bad.

(I got those switches as they are environmentally sealed; can be washed, etc)

Do you have a dust / contaminate / moisture concern?

I’d call digikey and ask for a recommendation, if so…

We’ve used these with our EMX based systems for years.
IP67 for our corrosive/abrasive dust environment, quite reliable.


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jaycar, love it !

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wouldn’t the professional way of finding a switch be to call one or more of the switch manufacturers and speak with a sales representative? They are there to help commercial designers.