Ta Da

Yup, it’s a box ::slight_smile:

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Be careful with it, as it may be scratchy, depending on how you use it :whistle:

Wait a minute now… somebody inside MS must have bumped him to the top of the ship list…

Anybody in the US see theirs yet?

I haven’t gotten mine yet, I might be a little jealous!

@ Bec a Fuel - now now… :hand:

@ ransomhall - there may or may not have been some emails that may or may not have helped ::slight_smile:

But you guys are in for a treat!!!

It comes complete with a 3mm Green LED :clap:

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And look, there is a nice little card in the box…

I feel extra special now ::slight_smile:


Jealous :open_mouth:

See the warning…

i don’t want to hear any stories about naughty little boys getting in trouble with the men in black suits for selling their new toys on eBay when the realise C++ isn’t anywhere near as cool as C# :naughty:

No worries, C# is suppose to come in the future.

So how difficult will it be to us our Gadgeteer Modules with it? ???

@ sandy - cant see it being too hard…

Will give it a go tomorrow


What’s in the box…


Sweet !!

Keep us up to date on your progress :think: