T43 Touch Calibration

The default touch output values from my T43 touch screen are way off compared to the screen resolution:

Screen resolution is 480 x 272, touch position values I am currently getting are:

Top Left corner: x =0, y = 9
Top Right Corner: x=343, y = 6
Bottom Left Corner: x = 0, y = 223
Bottom Right Corner: x = 330, y = 210
Screen Center: x = 162, y = 111

Is it possible to either:

  1. Calibrate the T43 display itself so that the touch position values it generates are closer to the screen resolution.
  2. Apply calibration compensation to the output values before they are passed to the screen GUI elements. I am hoping to use Clix 2 as the GUI.

I am aware that Glide has inbuilt touch calibration but I am looking to use either Clix or WPF.



@ Keith - I believe Clix has a built-in calibration routine.

@ andre.m Thanks for the sample location. Was too focused on looking for online examples and forgot about looking in the MS NetMF samples.

@ Mike Thanks for that. Didn’t see it at first but have now found the method under the SettingsManager class.