T43 Display with touch VB


I just wondered if anyone had any Visual Basic code they would be willing to share using the T43 Display with touch to make onscreen menu buttons/options. I have no problems using the display but just a bit of example code of tieing the touch up with the actual display would be greatly appreciated.



Should be easy to translate samples to VB

If you are familiar with VB you should consider switching to C# as most, if not all, drivers and samples are in C#. Coming from VB and C/C++ myself, the switch to C# was quite a lot easier than I expected. With the code complete in VS2012 it is quite easy to get up and running in C#.

If you can do this, Glide offers you a free GUI for working with the LCD’s and is easy to work with. For a paying option, CLIX2 from Skewworks is recommended.