T43 display is flickering

I have a T43 LCD display that’s been sitting on a bench (in a very dry place, Arizona). I’ve been resurrecting an old setup with a FEZ Raptor and although this still runs the app I left on there like 18 months ago, the display is exhibiting a rapid (say like about 10 Hz but this isn’t constant) flickering , as if the back light is somehow acting up.

I tried blowing it in case dust was the cause but this has no effect, the flickering is faint but very noticeable, text written to the display is fine.

The physical setup is exactly the same (same devices, same desktop PC) as when I was actively developing on this like 18 or so months ago, so I dont suspect power is involved.

Has anyone see this?

Could be insufficient power?

I’d agree - nearly all cases I have had where my displays did weird stuff like this, it was power. Try replicating it on a dedicated high-current USB power supply not connected to a PC and if it goes away

Have you tried disabling the back light and see if the flicker is still present on the LCD or not yet?

You need the backlight to see the display. It is transmissive only.

ahh ok wondered about that, but sometimes / some angles / some sunglasses?? no?

It seems that the USB cable might be the cause, typical, the least complex component !