T43 display dimensions


This is for GHI.

Is there any chance to include the dimensions of the Active Area and Viewing Area on the drawings of the T43 and TE35 for that matter, display dimensions drawings?

I am working on a design that will use the T43 display and I am trying to work out the position of the cutout for the LCD relative to the edges of the PCB. I have used the 4.3" display you have on the website to create an additional marked area on the 3D model but it does not appear to be central in the horizontal plane and is off centre with the cutout I created so I want to double check the dimensions before I commit the panel to manufacture.

It appears to be central in the horizontal plane when you look at the dimensions drawing but when I create this on the 3D model, it is offset to the left.

Vertical seems to be Good as expected.

I’ll fire up the T43 display today and check with a vernier, but it would be nice to have this checked and shown on the dimensions drawing for the DISPLAYS themselves.

I have attached the image of the modified 3D model of the LCD and the model installed with the panel and you can see the offset. I can move the cutout to match but need to know the dimensions are correct before I do so. :slight_smile:

PS… The black area is the AA (Active Area) not the viewing area which is a little smaller than the cutout size.


We will look into it.

Thanks Gus.

Is this sufficient to meet your needs or do you want additional info… want to get it right so when we update the docs for this and the rest of the displays we get it right.

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Hi Jeff,

I’ll update the CAD model tomorrow and let you know.

Thanks Dave. We want to make sure the information content is all there, then we will update our docs for each of our displays.

Hi Jeff,

With the data input as you provided, the display looks centered in the CAD now.

I’ll try and fire up the 4.3" LCD tomorrow and double check (measure twice, cut once type of checking) and see how this compares but normally the LCD data is pretty valid and I have not had any issues in the past.