T43 display component

I’m contemplating using the T43 display in an application where physical robustness is important. Ideally I’d like more information on the display component used. I can’t find anything to tell me the manufacturer or part - anyone know?

These are standard displays with good quality but not suited for harsh environments. One of our commercial customers puts the display in a panel behind glass due to the harsh environment it is going in.

Thanks Gus. I guess the information is confidential? If so, that’s fine. But what you’ve said doesn’t really enable me to decide whether my application is ‘harsh’ or not.

They’re likely just generic screens from a reputable (but not disclosed) vendor. Think of them as intended for oh say a GPS or a touch panel on an office wall, not ones that you could expect to use on an industrial floor or where they’re being pressed every few seconds all day. Why don’t you explain your “physical robustness” assessment / need and see what Gus thinks - but his point was, if you need robustness you are probably going to want to do something to protect them yourself

I use a 1mm thick sheet of perspex sandwiched between my screen and case. This provides some level of protection and acts as an easily replaceable sacrificial layer. You can go thicker if you need more protection. Ideally I would like to be able to get a nice Gorilla Glass or Tempered glass alternative, but haven’t found anything to suit yet.

Obviously this means the touch screen does not work.

Thanks for your replies.

Brett: it’s a fair point that I haven’t been specific about my needs, but actually I’m not even sure how to state them! I was hoping to look at the spec of a touch screen and ask my customer: “is this good enough?”. Perhaps I should look for a spec for a ‘typical’ screen and start from there - then I can be more specific about my question.

hagster: yes, I would also like something with toughened glass - but at the moment do we know that the T43 is [em]not [/em] toughened? Seems like I’m going to have to do some trawling.

This is not the T43 screen, but is an older one that GHI used in the past (original Cobra 4.3" touch screen).


I expect that this isn’t dissimilar but I suspect the supply now is simply from the unbranded stream of suppliers in China.