T35: MF 4.3 driver missing from discontinued products SDK

There is currently no MF 4.3 driver available for the T35 display.

Workaround: Switch back to MF 4.2 or configure a TE35 in the designer. At least the display is working under MF 4.3. I noticed a pixel shift, but that can be corrected in software :wink:

I have not tested the touch input under MF 4.3.

The permanent fix for this is modifying the driver of the TE35 display.

Only two internal values need to be changed besides the identification string.

Here comes what I have done:

(1) Download the latest DisplayTE35 driver from bitbucket (Gadgeteer/Modules/GHIElectronics/DisplayTE35/) - link: https://bitbucket.org/ghi_elect/gadgeteer/src/a1a484dd4c885e9875164d495acc39e0fff1a4a6/Modules/GHIElectronics/DisplayTE35/?at=master

(2) Modify all filenames to contain DisplayT35 instead of DisplayTE35.

(3) Open the solution in Visual Studio 2012 and remove / reload all projects with modified names. Also take care of modified source file names. Make sure that a build succeeds.

(4) Open the MF 4.3 driver source and change all strings containing DisplayTE35 into DisplayT35.

(5) Optionally open the MF 4.2 driver source and make the same changes. GHI did forget to change the old name T_35 into T35 when preparing the driver for the current Discontinued Products SDK. So I decided to rebuild that driver too.

(6) Change the values for the following variables to compensate any pixel shift in the constructor:

            HorizontalBackPorch = 27 (from 29 for the TE35)
            VerticalBackPorch = 8 (from 3 for the TE35)

(7) Build the solution and move all the files under bin/debug to the corresponding location in the Discontinued Products SDK: “%programfiles%\GHI Electronics\GHI .NET Discontinued Gadgeteer Products SDK”. Overwrite any existing files (MF 4.2).

(8) Open the file GadgeteerHardware.XML. After the line

add a new line

Move that file to the DPSDK Location and overwrite the existing one.

(9) Finally use Regedit or Regini to add the following key to the Windows registry:
@ =“C:\Program Files\GHI Electronics\GHI .NET Discontinued Gadgeteer Products SDK\Modules\DisplayT35\NETMF 4.3”

Congratulations - you have just completely ported the T35 to the new SDK release!

I think GHI should really change the two values in the two sources and include both drivers into their Discontinued Products SDK! A lot of customers with the old spider starter kit would appreciate that service.

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thanx for the description.
Right it seem to be easy to change to the next sdk and I think its easy to change the most discontinued moduledrivers to 4.3 . But who should prove it? Who should change the code every time and which sdk is ok for stop continuing ?
So its fair to open the sources and give the code to the community in order to develop it further

@ VB-Daniel - ??? Code is open source!

@ VB-Daniel - To be fair: porting the drivers from 4.2 to 4.3 is quite a lot of work, which in this case has be done completely by GHI. The drivers for the TE35 and the T35 are essentially the same. Only two parameters had to be changed.

The hard work for me was to find out the changes needed in the XML configuration and in the registry before Visual Studio did allow me to use the new driver in the designer. That stuff is normally done by the SDK installer.

Deciding if a discontinued product gets a driver update or not should be done carefully. In this case changing the two values in the T35 source is no considerable effort and the driver is ready to ship with the next DPSDK release. The display module was widely distributed with the starter kits and had a pricetag of $95. I certainly would not undertake the effort of porting the driver of a module that is cheap to replace or had no high volume on sales. With the T35 GHI is at risk that people, who take out their kits again after some time, put it straight away into the bin when they find that the key components are no longer usable without fiddling with driver sources and the windows registry.


[quote=“KWendl”]The display module was widely distributed with the starter kits and had a pricetag of $95.

I think GHI should really change the two values in the two sources and include both drivers into their Discontinued Products SDK! A lot of customers with the old spider starter kit would appreciate that service.



@ dapug - The T35 is already in the discontinued SDK. It can be seen at https://bitbucket.org/ghi_elect/gadgeteer/src/a1a484dd4c885e9875164d495acc39e0fff1a4a6/Modules/GHIElectronicsDiscontinued/DisplayT35/?at=master

The DisplayT35 and a few other modules were discontinued quite awhile ago and were removed from our SDK before we had fully moved to 4.3. They never had a completely supported version of 4.3 that we could add to the discontinued SDK. So they remain 4.2 only.

There are a couple of folks here that have updated the driver to 4.3 on their own. I have yet to see that code shared, though (but haven’t looked too hard). There has also been talk of creating a shared repository of updated driver code for discontinued modules on other threads.

@ ransomhall - You can also use the TE35 4.3 driver as a starting point https://bitbucket.org/ghi_elect/gadgeteer/src/0fb97f7fae14e1c301791caff3ac143ee6a0f09e/Modules/GHIElectronics/DisplayTE35/DisplayTE35_43/DisplayTE35_43.cs?at=master

Just change the two parameters mentioned above in the configuration and change the name to T35.

I realize the code is in the discontinued SDK, but only for 4.2. The point here seems to be, what about 4.3?

I’m all for sharing code back out. I haven’t updated this to 4.3, but would share if I did. But to my original point, I am thinking if it is near trivial, why doesn’t GHI include this one in particular in the discontinued SDK (given its wide distro and high cost item)?

TE35 as a starting point was my first thought too. KWendl made it sound easy, but then not. I dunno. What is the ROI for GHI to invest what appears to be small effort here? And/or does anyone in the community already have changes to push up?

Not to minimize how important this is to you and other community members, but also keep in mind all the “small effort” that everyone else would like as well. This conversation has been around for ages. Businesses have limited bandwidth and we make decisions on what gets worked on and what doesn’t based on that available bandwidth. How much bandwidth should we spend on discontinued products over the years? And yes I know you are talking about this one thing but there are several members who talk about their “one thing”.

Just to clarify, I don’t mention this because I am making a judgement on this particular issue but everyone needs to keep in mind that it’s never just “one thing” or “one request”. Anyway this all just my humble opinion and not the views of GHI Electronics nor any of its affiliates.

I have not tried it yet, but you might be able to use FEConfig to configure the T35, and then use the TE35 in the Gadgeteer designer.

This is possible, but when you reboot the device, you get the “off by X pixel” problem…

You are right. I just tried it and it did reinitialize the display to TE35.