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T35 keeps flashing black-white-red-green-blue


When setting up the Getting Started example for the FEZ Spider (camera, button and T35 display), I have a problem whtih the T35 display. It keeps flashing all colors. I try to load the image from the camera to the display, but nothing is shown. I put some debug messages out from the event handlers for the ButtonPressed and PictureCaptured. The messages are shown OK in the debug output window, but the picture is not on the display. I also tried to put some text on the display, but that also didn’t work. Could it be that the T35 has some defect? How can I test this? Here is a part of my code (both messages are displayed in my debug window):

        void camera_PictureCaptured(Camera sender, GT.Picture picture)
            Debug.Print("Picture captured");
            display.SimpleGraphics.DisplayImage(picture, 5, 5);
            Debug.Print("End Picture captured");

I updated the firmware to the latest version.
Please help :frowning:


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A picture of your setup would help. Make sure the sockets are all correct. Also make sure your power is adequate, with a minimum of 6V, 1A. If you are powering via USB, make sure it is from a powered hub, and not directly from a computer.


Please power off and make sure that the LCD is connected properly. R->R, G->G, B->B and the Touch panel connector too. Make sure that the connections are correct and that the connectors are seated correct on both ends. It may help to remove and insert them again.


This should help


As you suggested, I built the test from:

I powered the board with an external power supply, used new cables and checked every connection 10 times (software and hardware).

The display keeps flashing all colors. In the event handlers for TouchDown and TouchUp I write the positions to de debug window. The touch part of the module works fine (positions are changing if I touch on an other location), but I still cannot get the display to work. Any other suggestions?


Call/email GHI directly and point out this thread please. We will help you directly.


I have finally found the problem. It turned out to be some bad soldering connections on the Spider board. The two PCBs were not soldered together very well. Amongst other connections, connection T20 was loose (VSYNC of the display). After soldering the bad connections it works OK now. Too bad my first project didnt work within half an hour, as stated in the Getting started document. When using my soldering iron, it felt like normal prototyping to me. Also lost half a day figuring out what stupid mistake I was making. Let’s hope my hardware is now ready for further experiments.


Can you please still contact GHI directly and point thus thread out. Everything is tested before it ships do we like to trace this back. We will make up fir your troubles no worries.