T35 Display

Where can I find programming information for the T35. Something like a data sheet or other that describes it’s functions/modes… whatever…

Is the T35 a TD035STED4?

No problem. I just would like to have more information about using it.

Thanks in advance

Check codeplex


It has full source code for this module as well as schematics and board layout.

I am curious, too, what type of panel is actually used. The schematic specifies only the connector, not the panel. I also wasn’t able to find any specification in the source code…

"I am curious, too, what type of panel is actually used. The schematic specifies only the connector, not the panel. I also wasn’t able to find any specification in the source code…"
Do you mean the TFT display itself? It is a display with standard 16-bit TFT interface.

Thanks, Joe. Yes, I meant the TFT display itself. So, it could easily be replaced with any other TFT display that also has a standard 16-bit TFT interface? What about the touch panel then? Does it also have a standard interface and could it also easily be replaced with another touch panel? Its connector fuses with the display electronics before there is a single connection with the T35 board. Thus, is the connection with the touch panel also part of the standard 16-bit TFT interface?

TFT displays are standard, so is the 4 wire resistive touch screen. The pinout maybe slightly different.

GHI sources these from china so you will not find them anywhere locally.

Thanks, Gus!

sorry for resurrecting an older thread, but can some one point me in the direction of the datasheet/specification for the T35 (or at least a confirmed part number)?

if any GHI guys see this, some constructive criticism: you guys should think about including datasheets/specs with the source distribution like Seeed does with nearly all of their modules. At the very least include sensor/primary component part numbers in the drivers or in the schematics. If you guys say the info is proprietary, fine, I understand those restrictions. If not, then you really should be sharing the info to get people more deeply involved with the ecosystem.

This is on top on the list actually. But in this case, what exactly do you need? LCD datasheet? Why is this needed? I am just curious.

@ Gus - I’m looking for a P/N to search on, or a component spec for the display itself. I want to be able to trace from a hardware component, through the schematics, to the hardware on the other end; all while getting a good understanding of whats going on electrically. And I want to understand what’s going on with the display itself, because I do not have very much experience with display hardware for embedded systems. I hope that isn’t unreasonable from your point of view.

Educational purposes.

I don’t remember ever seeing a disclaimer that said the hardware was for educational purposes only. What I do remember seeing is “an open source and open hardware community project”, and that the development began because MS wanted to create a prototyping ecosystem.

To a degree you may have to remember that some of the devices that are used in Gadgeteer use proprietary modules or modules that may have no datasheets (because they’re point-sourced to match exact requirements - they are custom built for GHI so may not have a general datasheet nor part number, and perhaps the LCD is one of these?). There are also some things in the GHI range that are “protected” by NDAs (I think the Wifi module is one) so you will probably struggle to find real info on it.

Perhaps something like the GHI Cobra display adapter board and info from the 4.3" touch screen had plenty of info about it and might be a good source of educational material in the meantime for you?

I meant you need more info for educational purposes. It makes sense.

These products can be used for that purpose but the main purpose is commercial use by the way.

Yes, I’m trying to educate myself. I apologize for misunderstanding your previous comment. Thank you for the clarification.