T35 Display Module with Hydra board

I received a Hydra board the other day and updated all its firmware to the latest 4.2 versions.

My problem is that when ever I hook up the T35 display to this board and then attempt to run a program from the Dev Studio debugger I always get the "Development board must reconfigure for display, hit cntl shift f5 to restart. " message.

I understand this behavior is normal the first time you run a program with the T35 attached, however I get this message 100% of the time and the debugger never attaches. If I remove the T35 display from the project the debugger attaches and everything is fine.

Even if he mistook T35 for TE35 that particular message should not repeat since they have the same resolution.

Just to check you’re not running any other applications on the same device, perhaps without a display module or a different one?

@ Mark13 - Show your code please.

You can’t. However you could catch the debug info from MFDeploy if you needed.

Just using a default project, hook up the display both physically and in the designer and run. Debug.Print("Program Started) is never hit because the module is already restarting.

Ok, so it is nothing special code wise. I will check my Hydra tonight (haven’t upgraded to latest yet)

Removing the display allows the generic boiler plate starting project code to run normally. Adding the Display both physically and within the dev studio designer cause the restart message to appear. Of course that message is normal the first time the project is run but not every time.

I think something in the boot loader got corrupted. After a few more tests the computer blue screened (My first Win8 blue screen!). Upon restarting the computer the Hydra board was no longer accepted as a usb device by the windows driver. Plugging the USB Client DP Module into my spider and the computer’s usb port started responding again. At this point I used the SD card method to wipe the hydra, the command prompt method to reinstall the boot loader, and finally MFDeploy to upload the firmware.

Everything seems to work normally again.

No more issues with the display?

Everything seems to be normal at this point.