T35 Display Clips 5 pixels from the Top

Hi there,
I have just revived my Spider Kit, and I am experimenting with it.

My T35 Ver. 1.3 started normally, and on the first deploy there was a message on VS2010 saying, system will restart to save configuration.

After that when the system rebooted the screen was sifted about 5 to 6 pixels to the top (GHI is displayed clipped on booting), and accordingly all the graphics is shifted.

Is there a way to recalibrate or reset the screen to factory default?


Maybe you mixed T35 with TE35? Welcome to the community.

Hi Gus,
Thank you for the welcome and the prompt reply, I have reflashed the system again, when the system started for the first time after reboot it work normal and the Boot information were visible in text, after deploying my application same thing happened.

I got T35 Ver 1.3, but just noticed that the installed library is for TE35, I switched to T35 driver same thing, re-flashed again the screen worked for the first boot after that 5 pixels are gone, I have worked around that in software, but can you see why that is happening.

I am working on a serous project here and we have very tight schedule. I am amazed how you guys make it so easy to develop on your platform but I need costume design for some hardware after the prototype is approved. who shall I take to?


Your are fine. By selecting thd wrong display, you loaded thd wrong dispkay config.

Do this, make a new project and do NOT add any display. Add a button, in designer, to the R socket and run on your hardware. This will cause the device to reconfigure display config to headless. Let it run and even reset it and let it run again.

Now go back and add the proper display. Check if you have TE35 or T35 and add thd proper one. Run your hardware and you should be fine.

Problem solved, thank you for the good support.

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