T35 Display backlight control

Is it possible to power-off the backlight of the T35 display in code???

Should but I am not sure if this was added to the driver. Will check tomorrow

OK, thanks for the quick reply

Was this added to the driver?

Not yet but the source codes are codeplex if you like to jump in :slight_smile:

Sorry, what do you mean by codeplex. I am a newbie :slight_smile:


If I read the standard right Pin 9 on Socket G should control the backlight for the LCD; can you tell me is the a PWM or GPIO pin?

I’ll update the source to give backlight control. :slight_smile:

I think Steven already has the code?

@ Steven; I’m looking at this code in codeplex and I see nothing about the backlight control on the project. I’d be happy to add it in, just wondering if the pin is GPIO or PWM?

You can if you’d like. The pin is GPIO.

So only ON/OFF then huh? Well it’s better than nothing. :wink:

You can do PWM I think but this is not required in gadgeteer specs. I am not sure how would you dynamically detect if the pin is PWM or not!

I actually do checks on my module for interruptable or not since Hydra supports full interrupts even though it’s not required. :wink: