T35 camera image very blurred

I am working on the simple beginners program using the t35 display and the camera. The image is so blurred as to be almost indistinguishable. However much I twiddle the focus tube, it is unusable. Anyone else have this problem? (display itself seems fine)

Keep turning the focus. It takes 20 full turns sometimes before you get good focus.

You can use it as a webcam to get it setup in realtime initially. Also, make sure your lens is clean.

Yes, thanks chaps! It was my finger over the lens when I was trying to adjust the focus! It seems that if you adjust the focus and afterwards press the button, the image you will get is not the after changing the focus but the one WHILE you were doing it. It is clear as anything once I got that.

And Ian… Of course I couldn’t resist tryting the bare webcam. Works a treat!

Gus forgot to mention this - congrats for starting the 10,000’th post on the forum !

No I have been monitoring this :slight_smile: looks like some posts were deleted as ID is 10000 but the counter shows less, about 9900

Can’t wait.