SystemUpdate on GHI.Premium, managed bootloader?


I want my application that’s runnning on a G120 to have ifu-capabilities. In the SystemUpdate on 4.1

there was a managed bootloader that would do the update, and one could choose to allways start in the managed bootloader mode. This was an attractive feature I think, because it gave alternatives for choosing which application to start based on external information, so one could have a fallback application if something went wrong.

Now in the SystemUpdate class for GHI.Premium I can’t figure out how this can be done.

are there any alternatives to the managed bootloader or does the update allways have to bo carried out from the main application?

On 4.2 IFU has been integrated by the .netmf core. It’s now more robust and simple than before and you’re right there’s no managed bootloader now. all is perform in the application.

We do not use the integrated one actually. By we made it simpler and more robust.

Ok, thank you for info!

WOw I believed IFU was provided by the core but in fact the core provide MFU, that seems to be much more complex!!! IFU in 4.2 is really straightforward; thanks to GHI :slight_smile: