SystemInfo.SystemID.Model on HYDRA

I’ve noticed that SystemInfo.SystemID.Model returns 0 when used with Fez Hydra… is that correct?

i know this is an open source and all, but this specific HYDRA was created by GHI so i would assume the model should be set by the manufacturer to something meaningful. just like the rest of the other boards…

i also noticed that my emulator returns 2 but for a reason or another i’ve noticed other peoples code checking against a value of 3 for the emulator. so which is it?

here is what i have so far correct me if i’m wrong:
Hydra = 0
EMX = 5
Chipworkx = 6
Emulator = 2 or 3
Cobra= same as spider as EMX since they all use EMX chip.


We never changed the default value.