System not supported exception after upgrade to 2014 R4

I have just updated the sdk on my computer from 2014 R2 to 2014 R4. after the update I upgraded the TinyBooter to and the TinyCLR to

After this I was getting Firmware version does not match managed code version errors so I deleted all of the references and re added them.

The problem is that when I now try to connect using SSL (using AMQP.Net Lite) I am getting a System.NotSupportedException.

I have gone into Fez Config and clicked on the “Update SSL Seed” then rebooted the device but to no avail. As a note when I click the “Update SSL Seed” button, I don’t receive a confirmation that it has been set, but I cant remember if it did before…

Can anyone help?

Which device is this?

Welcome the community.

It is a Fez Raptor

I should also add that the exception is thrown when trying to perform AuthenticateAsClient(…) in Microsoft.SPOT.Net.Security.

@ gus I used the MFDeploy tool to update the SSL seed (which gave feedback to say it had completed successfully) and the problem has been resolved! It seems to be a bug in Fez Config!!!

We will investigate, thanks

@ networkfusion - This should be fixed for the next SDK.