System.Net.Sockets reference?

I am messing around with some daylight savings code, in a Microsoft.SPOT.Time modification.

There is a “using System.Net.Sockets” line in the code, and I simply cannot find the right file to add to references to the project. Can anyone help me?

i think it is just “system.dll” as a reference to be added to your project.

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Thanks, where did you look that up?

you can find it in the .NET MF help file PSDK.chm. Search for Socket and click the socket constructor class. There you will find the namespace and assembly name

Exactly :slight_smile:

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I have been working with this stuff for 6 months now, and sincerely think the documentation has been VERY sparse. I have no clue where this file is, or how to get it. Is there a shortcut key or something that I can press to have netmf documentation. If i press F1 in VS it brings me to some quite lousy MSDN page often with original .Net documentation and nothing relevant to GHI libraries or even NetMF.

But you are telling me there is a file with good stuff inside, where is it?

C:\Program Files\Microsoft .NET Micro Framework\v4.2\Documentation\NET MicroFramework Docs

Hmm, not on my computer. I suspect I am missing a download. I have no problems whatsoever building my projects, and deploying and everything. Any idea where this file is coming from?

Select one of the two options from step2 (depending on your Visual Studio version)

I have tried re-installing the SDK package as you state. The documentation is not inside that one. I also tried installing the 4.2 from but that one wont install, and after trying the 4.3 from netmf I have given up.

Anyone knows where the netmf documentation help file is?

Here (4.3)

or here (4.2):

On both it’s the last download: “SDK and PK Documentation”