Syntax highlighting in VS2010

I moved my Panda II RLP application from VS2012 to VS2010, and noticed that syntax highlighting (for the RLP c file) does not seem to work in VS2010. Is this the case, or am I not setting something up correctly? Thanks.

If I create a file in VS2010, it seems to work fine.

@ ianlee74 - Is that the C# version of VS2010?

Edit: I forgot to mention that I am using VS2010 Express for C#.

No, it’s VS2010 Ultimate. If you’re using a C# Express version then that’s probably normal.

From what I can see from my own Express install, it does not have support for C/C++ so syntax highlighting is not included.

Install Microsoft Visual C++ Express 2010 and use it for .c/.h files.
Direct link: Free Developer Software & Services - Visual Studio

Thanks everyone for your responses. I’ve been using VS Express for several years, and I’m aware of the different versions. My question relates to the difference between VS2012 Express for Desktop and VS2010 for C#.

When I load my Panda II RLP project into VS2012 Express for Desktop, I have syntax highlighting in my RLP C file. When I load the same project into VS2010 Express for C#, I don’t have the syntax highlighting in the RLP C file.

I was asking if this is normal behavior for VS2010 or if I need to set some configuration to make the highlighting work?

I think I have seen this been asked before on other forums. Since it is a C# edition it doesn’t support syntax highlighting for other languages other than C#.

So I am afraid you can’t have it for C/C++.

Custom VS extensions will not help as well because extensions are not supported in the Express editions.

@ jasdev - VS 2012 Express for Windows Desktop supports C#, VB.NET and C++ in one pack which is why you are getting syntax highlighting in VS 2012 Express edition for C# and C++ files

On the other hand, as you know, Visual Studio 2010 Expression editions were language specific and therefore only support syntax highlighting for the specific target language of the edition that you installed.

@ taylorza - Thanks, that makes sense. I was going choose your response as the chosen answer, but somebody beat me to it :slight_smile: