Switching project from 4.2 to 4.3

Project uses FEZ Cerberus.
Target framework changed to 4.3 (from 4.2).
(project compiled and ran under 4.2)

Project has not been powered up yet, just trying to compile it.

At current time, there is only two modules, xBeeAdapter (socket 2) and the usbClientDP (socket 8).

I get the following error:
Cannot resolve type Gadgeteer.Modules.GHIElectronics.USBClientDP from assemble OutdoorRemote.
This is followed by the error:

(OutdoorRemote is the name of the project)

I did a Clean Solution and then Build Solution and that did not help.
I then deleted the usbClientDP and did a reinstall and that did not help.

Am I missing something else that I should do to change to 4.3?
Thanks in advance for any help in this matter,

I would start a new project and then move your old code.

I was afraid you was going to say that.

OK, Starting new project.


Sometimes upgrading framework version some of the referenced assemblies remains with old version.
You should check versions of all referenced assemblies.
They all must be 4.3 not 4.2

you don’t have to do that, it’s just the absolute easiest way to be SURE that you’ve done all you need and you don’t get yourself in trouble. Alternatively you iterate through every reference you’ve included and replace the original (4.2) with the new (4.3) version. So your choice, but the typical recommendation is to start again and copy code over so we know that this should be a non-issue

I agree with Gus that starting a new project is the best way, but recently I had an old v4.2 project that I upgraded to 4.3, and then downgraded to 4.2, and then upgraded again to 4.3, and it worked successfully each time.

All I did was change the target version in the project settings for each project in the solution. The NETMF referenced assemblies were changed automatically, I still had to change the GHI assemblies manually.